X-Message-Number: 12162
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 10:21:35 -0700
From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: Funeral Transporting Services Inc. NOT (just) a Mortician

Robert Ettinger writes:

"I'm surprised Mr. Henny apparently doesn't remember that Cryonics Institute 
has worked with funeral directors in this way for a long time. We (and ACS) 
are gradually building a network of known morticians, and have seldom had 
difficulty finding one in almost any required area, sometimes even on an 
emergency basis." 

Of course I was aware of C.I.'s practice of involving 
undertakers in the early stages of cryopreservation.  That is 
what my suggestions was based upon.  I do not have enough 
familiarity with the organizational structure of cryonic service 
providers to come up with such an idea all by myself.

However, Funeral Transporting Services Inc. appear to be far from 
your local mortician, as a matter of fact, not being familiar 
with the Funeral Acts of the various states and provinces, I am 
not even sure if the mere transportation of corpses requires an 
undertaker's licence or if Funeral Transporting Services Inc. 
indeed have such a licence.

Their name and purported scope of services offered nevertheless 
suggests the following:

- They have an infrastructure or at least an action plan in place 
  to transport corpses within and across national boundaries.
- Considering the low volume of cryonic suspensions, it is safe 
  to assume, that they have a much greater experience volume than 
  any cryonic provider.  Otherwise they could not stay in 
- Because of their greater volume they are likely to have more 
  readily accessible contacts, which would be helpful in promptly
facilitating transportation, where obstacles might exist 
  (international or states boundaries).
- If they also have undertaker's licences, so much the better, 
  but as an organization with an international range they would 
  not have the "Johnnie-on-the-spot" advantage of local 
  morticians.  It would rather be a toss-up if they could be on a    
  particular site any sooner than the rescue team of the cryonic 
  services provider.


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