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Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 07:47:58 -0700
From: Natasha Vita-More <>
Subject: Extro 4: BIOTECH FUTURES Conference

* * * B I O T E C H   F U T U R E S     C O N F E R E N C E * * *

You are invited to Extropy Institute s fourth conference:
B I O T E C H  F U T U R E S
Challenges and Choices of Life Extension and Genetic Engineering

August 7-8, 1999, UC Berkeley

BIOTECH FUTURES brings together a unique group of researchers and thinkers
to examine the technology and implications of extending the human life span
and altering our genetic constitution.

The formidable array of speakers at BIOTECH FUTURES will cover everything
from existing technologies to emerging technologies such as artificial
chromosomes and stem cells to future applications of nanotechnology to
intervene in human biology.

In the research arena, we are delighted to have speakers such as Dr. Calvin
Harley, Chief Scientist at Geron Corporation. Geron has done or funded much
of the recent starting breakthroughs in stem cells, telomerase, and now the
nuclear transfer techniques used in cloning. Prof. Cynthia Kenyon, whose
work on extending the life of c. elegans has received much publicity, will
present her results and next steps. Prof. John Campbell of UCLA will
explore existing and future technologies of genetic engineering.

Other top speakers including Vernor Vinge, Natasha Vita-More, and Greg Bear
will examine the philosophical, legal, artistic, and psychological aspects
of extending human lives and altering our genetic code, with a aturday
evening address by Max More, President of Extropy Institute, on the
desirability of amending the human constitution.

This event will go beyond presenting ideas, no matter how informative and
stimulating. Biotech Futures includes sessions showing what practical steps
are being taken in these areas, and sessions to help all of us communicate
unusual ideas more effectively to the public.

Several excellent speakers and sessions have not been mentioned here. For a
full list of speakers and the program, please see:


Space is limited for the BIOTECH FUTURES conference and places are being
taken fast. So please register ight away if you don t want to miss this
unique event. People are coming from around the world to converge on this
conference. Don t miss out on the concentrated information, intellectual
creative thinking,  

If you have questions not answered on the conference web pages, please
contact conference Chair Max More, at  or 310-967-3989

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   Biotech Futures: Challenges of Life Extension and Genetic Engineering

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