X-Message-Number: 12174
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 16:45:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: Re: Ettinger on high temperature storage

In Message #12125  wrote:
> Doug Skrecky (#12119) asks about possible storage of human brains by CI, to 
> save money. 
> As has been noted previously, storing brains, rather than heads, would risk 
> further damage and add expense, while not saving a great deal on storage. 
> And CI's price for whole-body is already lower than that of other 
> organizations for neuro, so cost is not much of an issue, and is offset, we 

> think, by the negative PR image. True, there are always some who could afford
> (say) $10,000 but could not afford $28,000; but usually that differential is 
> not the issue. Most people can afford $28,000. 
  Working people usually have some small amount of life insurance provided
"free" as part of their benefits package. Reducing the cost of a cryonics
service below the amount of this insurance effectively reduces the
upfront cost of cryonics to zero. The question then becomes not one of
money, but of preference. Do you wish to be buried in the local cemetary
or have your brain/head frozen for what is effectively the same
out-of-pocket expense?
  Advantages of storing only the brain, as opposed to the entire head 
include, no negative PR, potentially greater cryoprotectant
infusion/protection, and lower storage costs. The main negatives would be
possible increased physical damage during handling.
  A further side note on storage costs: Dehydrating a brain during
shipment in an concentrated  cryoprotectant bath would effectively
reduce storage costs by shrinking the brain volume. A further benefit
here could be cheap vitrification, with potentially far superior
preservation of cellular structure during freezing.
  Note: Although it is commonly beleived whole brain cryopreservation is
the "lowest" you can go. This is not in fact the case. Surprisingly good
functional capacity is retained in right handed people, who have had their
right hemispheres destroyed. With a little dehydration, one could hold
what is effectively one's soul in the palm of the hand!

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