X-Message-Number: 12181
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 14:05:47 +0400
From: Mikhail Soloviev <>
Subject: RU.CYBORG - Russian FIDO conference on immortality

There is the Russian conference on immortality and 
life extension in FIDO (informal computer net):

Messages on cryonics are welcome. 

RU.CYBORG is reachable through the Internet: 

(1) Go to: http://deja.com
(2) Select (elsewhere): Power Search
(3) Enter (in the search window): fido7.ru.cyborg

However to post messages to RU.CYBORG you should 
be registered on FIDO7 server (FIDO gate to the
Internet) -- please follow instructions on: 

On deja.com you may also choose e-mail delivery 
(both to read and post messages).

-- Mike

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