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Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 12:00:45 -0400 (EDT)
From: diana singh <>
Subject: brain donation/brain only preservation

Hi everyone,

For people who don't understand cryonics there should be a programme
of education undertaken by volunteers who are aware of the subject.
The issues involved are very sensitive and must be deliberated before
any people are invited for "brain donation". And anyway a brain
by a person has to be on the basis of the fact that cryonics is a
for revival of an individual. There is nothing in cryonics that sounds
like it is in any way an act of charity or donating of brain/body.
It is a personal act and involves only the self(individual).
In the light of this I think what Mr.Pizer had to say was a little

Mr.Pizer wrote,

<They must have a certain amount of people sign an affidavid that they
worthy.  (These could be relatives, and their family doctor.)>

I don't think that I need any affidavit from any one to sign up for
(or for donating my brain). It is a personal decision and no one should
allowed to interfere in this. It would allow others to justify whether
should be revived or not. Even people of high status will agree with
this point.

<They must demonstrate their intelligence by anserwing a list of
questions on different forms.>

Any one should be allowed to sign up as long as he/she can pay for it.
It is a matter between the institute that does the preservation and the
patient. Any outside interference will lead to complicated issues
in the possibility of non revival.

<They must demonstrate their financial wisdom by showing they can come
with a large amount of money at their death; and show their kindness by
donating this money to a non-profit company that helps very sick

Donating money is a personal issue. It should be left to the individual
patient. If a person wants to sign up for cryonics in any way
(neuro/full body/
brain) it should be his/her own decision and must be cleared before
with the institute/lawyers concerned.

Although brain only preservation would be very successful in some
(as I mentioned in one of my previous mail) because it would allow the
burial/cremation of the patient (cultural issues) along with a full
chance of 
revival(personal issue). What has to be done is improve brain handling
so that at the time of legal death a professional can  be entrusted
with this task(removing the brain).

I hope Mr. Pizer can clarify some of his points.

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