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From: "john grigg" <>

Subject: I need advice on the best and cheapest devices and methods to improve 
my brain 
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 22:28:55 PDT

Hello everyone,

I need advice from everyone on the list who would have good advice on the 
best and where possible least expensive devices, technologies, nutritional 
supplements and methods to enhance my cognitive performance in college and 
in my private life.

I have just read "Megabrains" and was enthralled by what I learned there but 
many of the devices were on the expensive side.  But in October the state of 
Alaska will be sending me a permanent fund check for $1500 which is my cut 
of the oil profits which I get as a state resident.  It is a nice fringe 
benefit but one cannot live here just for that.  And so I wish to spend part 
of that on these items.

At this point I am considering buying hypno-peripheral audiocassettes that 
supposedly are a quantum leap up from the old subliminal tapes.  Are these 
tapes really effective?  Do any of you use them and think they work?  What 
brands are best?  I am planning on buying tapes for memory and self-esteem 
to name a few.

The "no-horizon in view" goggles for $200 that are in the Tools for 
Exploration catalog seem a possibility for entering an enhanced state of 
relaxation so that the hypno-peripheral tapes would have a better chance of 
influencing me.  Anyone tried this device and if so any thoughts?

Though the cost is high and I probably won't buy one the light and sound 
machines (brain machines) interest me.  The company with the David series 
impresses me the most.  If I could shell out $600 painlessly I would 
consider buying their top of the line model but I have heard conflicting 
stories on just how well these machines work.  Some say all they do is relax 
or excite you really.  What are the views here on them?  In my town a local 
massage place offers them for use at one dollar a minute and I was thinking 
of visiting him.

I have heard a group of Russian scientists have developed a sort of "brain 
washing for your own good" system using advanced forms of these 
technologies.  They are trying to market it in the United States now.  I saw 
a short bit on it on cable news a few months ago.  Anyone here about this?

In "Megabrains" I read about various systems that send electrical current 
through the brain.  Does this technique really enhance cognitive function?  
Of the various devices which do you recommend if any?  I would look pretty 
funny all hooked up to some of these as I went about campus!!

I really wish someone in Anchorage had isolation tanks that they rented out 
so I could try one out!!  They fascinate me with the stories of dream-like 
hallucinations that people have in them.  My $1500 would barely put a 
down-payment of one of these tanks!  Have any of you used an isolation tank? 
  What was the experience like?

I am one of those people who rarely remember their dreams and so I paid $250 
a few years ago for a dream monitoring kit from that scientist LaBurge(I 
believe that is the name) who has pioneered lucid dreaming.  I tried to use 
it repeatedly to no effect.  I sleep like the dead and it did not work on 
any setting.  If I could afford it I would want the $1200 deluxe device they 
offer that is what is used in actual sleep labs.  Have any of you used this 

I am interested in the Tomatis technology developed by French scientist 
Alfred Tomatis.  The machine supposedly is a converter of sorts that takes 
music or the spoken word and puts it into frequencies that give the ear a 
"work-out!"  He has centers all over the world I have read and quite a 
following.  The claim is that not only does it enhance hearing but will help 
with dyslexia and enhance any HPP sort of audiocassette.  The price for his 
device is steep at $800 dollars!  I am dyslexic and a little hard of hearing 
so I would like to try one out.

What nutritional supplements would any of you recommend?  I keep on hearing 
about how great ginko is but have not tried it over the long-term.  Does it 
really work?  What general nutritional tips would any of you give to me for 
enhancing the brain?

OF the different books out there that say they will teach techniques to 
improve memory and problem solving which would you recommend?  
"Super-learning" and "MegaMemory" are what comes to mind.

I am fascinated by the "Tools for Exploration" catalog!  I realize some of 
what is in there is just snake oil but still other items do seem to have 
real value.  Had I the money I could easily spend ten grand on what they 
have in there!

Are there books on interpersonal relationships with women (a little more 
advance then "How to Pick Up Women!") that any of you would recommend?  
There is a fellow who runs a company called "Intimate Connections" that for 
$350 dollars will send a book and 12 tape set on this subject!  I actually 
called him up and he made a good sounding argument for his methods that 
involve making connections emotionally with women.  He said men have a very 
binary approach to women where females are very open-ended which throws many 
men off.  The author has an educational background in computing and 
psychology but still $350!!

I suffer from clinical depression, a.d.d. and learning disabilities that 
have had their effect on my life even though I allowed the damage to be far 
greater then it should have been by giving up.  I plan on going back on 
antidepressants soon (money problems...and the state cut all funding for the 
working poor..) and will probably go back to Luvox which is popular in 
Europe.  I think overcoming my depression alone would be the huge 
breakthrough I need.  I am also considering Ritalin to get a hold on my 
a.d.d. but am nervous about possible side effects.

What computer software would any of you recommend to help me improve my 
mind?  I have seen the game "Thinkfast" that seems very impressive.  Any 
thoughts on that?  I do not own a p.c. and my college would not allow me to 
play a "game" on theirs but I found a nonprofit agency in town that has a 
computer lab for the "disabled" and with my l.d. I qualify so I could use 
the software there.

My learning disabilities have so far stopped me from driving though I took 
driver's ed years ago and did pass but never went to the DMV after my 
instructor told me how incompetent I was at driving.
I actually bought myself a driving software program from Sierra online for 
$45 dollars that to me and my driving (but not car owning) brother was a 
complete joke!  Even if you were good at the game it was still nowhere 
realistic enough to teach driving.

I would like to get my hands (and feet) into a top quality commercial 
driving simulator but I don't think Anchorage has any except for the state 
of the art one the police have!  I somehow doubt they would let me use it!  
But if they did I could learn not only how to drive but how to do high-speed 

I will probably just buy several HPP tapes and the no-horizon goggles.  That 
will cost me about $400 anyway.  I do not want to spend my whole check on 
the items I have discussed though that would be fun but I still very much 
want feedback from any of you who have had experiences with these various 
items.  Being in Alaska I tend to be isolated.  I have heard how in 
California there are "brain gyms" where for a fee I could try out just about 
anything I have written about here!  I wish they had one up here.

I will be keeping $500 aside for my Australian ladyfriend who it looks like 
may very well be visiting me in the first week of December for just a week.  
This will be the tail-end of a trip to the states and she will have already 
spent two months in the Utah and California area!  So much for getting to 
know her first-hand before all the other fellows do!!  She will stay in my 
parents spare bedroom while I stay elsewhere.  I hope to show her a good 
time here in Anchorage and maybe win her heart even.  Of course that is 
probably wishful thinking on my part once she gets a good look at me and my 
life!  She already has her degree and I am at least two years away from my 
own.  She is beautiful and can have any man probably that she wants.  
Earlier today I was reading in Amazon.com about the chilling subject of 
evolutionary biology and the books written about it.

I know I need to get my act together and these tools may just help me do it. 
  I was seriously disciplined at work for being late three times in a row.  
I slept in and dragged my feet this morning to the point that I missed 
church.  I know I need to get to bed earlier but more then that I just don't 
want to get up and face the world in the morning.  It's almost like I want 
to go into suspended animation right now and not face life.  Part of me 
feels poisoned by what I have learned from transhumanists but yet I have 
this urge to get what I consider fair from life despite my genetic and 
environmental set-backs and to do so while spurred on by an anger that is 
deep inside me which comes from seeing how so many have it better then I do. 
  Now many are infinitely worse off then me in this war and poverty drenched 
world and that also makes me enraged.

I look forward to the feedback I get from the group!  This is a great 
posting for those of you who like to cut and paste to do your replies!  You 
can really go to town on this one! LOL!  My resources are limited so I want 
to invest my dollars in technologies and techniques that will really help 
me.  I thank you all.


John Grigg

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