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Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 13:41:16 +1000
From: Simon Carter <>
Subject: Shame LA Times, Shame!
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I noticed the following in the Sunday, July 25, 1999 LA Times. Perhaps a local
cryonicist/skeptic could provide a counter argument.


> Southern California is arguably the most powerful incubator of
> both rational and irrational thought on the planet. What do
> those on the scientific side see as the sappiest stuff to touch down of
> late?
> MATT CHERRY, executive director of Los Angeles' Center for
> Inquiry-West (a branch of the Committee for the Scientific
> Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal), polled readers of that
> organization's Skeptical Inquirer magazine. He then excluded
> medical pseudo-science and paranormal religious claims to come up
> with this Top 10 list: 

At 5:

> Cryonics -- When the Pharaohs preserved corpses for life
> after death, they called it religion. Now the people who freeze
> bodies for future resurrection call the process, started in
> Bakersfield, "the science of cryonics."

Sandwiched between 4. Hollywood -- The entertainment industry is the engine of
                      popular belief in the paranormal.

and                6. Shirley MacLaine.

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