X-Message-Number: 12220
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 05:58:50 -0400
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: Seeking A Billionaire Patron

        John Grigg asked me, in msg. #12218, 
to comment about his suggestion that we try to 
convince billionaires, such as Robert Bigelow, to 
invest in cryonics.

        My comment is that there is no need to
contact outsiders, such as Bigelow, where there is 
little chance of their having an interest in cryonics,
when there is more than enough money to invest
among today's wealthiest cryonicists, to enable us 
to achieve suspended animation in the foresee-
able future. Thus far, wealthy cryonicists have 
invested very little of their money in cryonics and 
cryonics-related research.  Things are currently 
in motion, which will give them the opportunity to 
to invest in cryonics in a big way within the next 
year or so.

        Whether wealthy cryonicists will 
ever put their money where their dreams 
are is uncertain, but if they wait to invest 
only in enterprises that can easily attract 
capital from outsiders, they will have mis-
sed the boat. Cryonicists need to invest in 
the field right now, not in the future when 
the field has achieved mainstream credibility.  
If they continue to hold on to their money in 
wait of "secure" investments, they may find 
themselves "dead" and frozen under far 
worse conditions than their long dormant 
dollars could easily have remedied.

---Saul Kent

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