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Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 10:27:29 +0000
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Re: investment in cryonics
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Robert Ettinger wrote:
> The upshot, as I have previously said, is that funding 21CM or/and INC might
> be a very good use of cryonicists' discretionary funds, depending on many
> variables, some of them peculiar to the individual. 21CM is expected, perhaps
> some time in the next several months, to announce a stock offering. INC, I
> believe, is still accepting donations.
> BioTime has also recently raised another $7.3 million in a rights offering
> that was over-subscribed. Its stock listing (BTIM) has been moved from the
> NASDAQ small caps to the NASDAQ national market pages. BioTime has also
> apparently endowed a program at UCalBerkeley/Berkeley Lab for aging studies;
> the research committee will be chaired by Prof. PaolaTimiras. The main people
> at BioTime are all cryonicists.
Hurray for BioTime!  This seems the way to get money into the
cryonics industry -- put it up on the stock boards where people
can see it!  Then get some press with mergers, stock splits, 
upcoming advances, and other news....  How much money does it take
to form a venture capital firm?  Maybe we could form one, then have
it invest in some cryonics concern so it can announce to the 
investment press that it got venture capital.  Heck, the way things
are going these days, maybe the best way for 21CM to make it big 
is to change its name to 21CM.com before it issues its IPO :-) .
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