X-Message-Number: 12265
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: more comments on what's needed for revival
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 23:22:07 +1000 (EST)

To several Cryonet participants:

You will have to work out for yourself whether or not successful means to
reversibly suspend brains are as close as I am saying. I am not retracting
what I said.

To George Smith:
Besides the above comment, I will point out that I am hardly claiming that
something is impossible. I'm suggesting that it can be done much more
easily than many think. It seems to me that rather than simply accept a
general rule about capitalism and progress, you might wish to study the
problem a bit more and see whether or not you still believe it will need
any large extension of current technology.

There are still problems, too, starting with revival of persons suspended
prior to this oncoming technology. That's where all the versions of 
nanoscience are likely to be needed. And it's also where we'll probably
find problems of many different levels of difficulty, each to be solved
in its own way. If cryonics becomes popular enough, then we may indeed
see lots of research on these problems. But few of us can simply wait:
it does make a difference whether or not you must remain suspended for
several hundred years or only 50. Depending solely on future progress
will ultimately take much longer than doing some relatively simple 
research on our own.

			Best and long long life to all,

				Thomas Donaldson

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