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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: I am excited about things...
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 17:03:42 PDT

Hello everyone,

I do agree with Thomas Donaldson that things could look more promising in 
terms of funding and how depending on a few wealthy individuals is not the 
best way.  We have already had the discussion about trying to enlist help 
from billionaires!  I hope someone does try to contact Robert Bigelow though 
despite all the negativity.

I want to heartily yell "hear, hear" to the comments of my friend George 
Smith!  I feel that ultimately the juggernaut of the world scientific 
research community will triumph in the areas we need.  I do feel though that 
this will take time and so for us to research among ourselves better ways to 
preserve the brain is a prudent course.  I am only thirty-two years old and 
can probably wait things out but not everyone has the luxury of time.

I realize why people would be skeptical about the advances of 21st Century 
Medicine but if the article by Charles Platt was right, where three glass 
vials were shown with vastly different levels of ice crystal formation in 
each one, then perhaps we are not as far away from success as some fear.  
Any date given as to when we find out the results of 21st Century Medicine's 

I actually have a fantasy where some billionaire dies and I am found out to 
be his heir!  I give fifty million each to the following organizations, 
Cryocare, Cryonics Institute, Alcor and the Prometheus Institute.  Then I 
would buy as much stock as I could in Saul Kent's latest enterprises!  If 
this fantasy came true I would probably suffer from "the billionaire's 
malady" and become very tight-fisted with all the money! lol  Then again I 
just might do it and then hold a cryonics convention at the Playboy Mansion!

I look forward greatly to future developments.  I just hope that thirty 
years from now when I am sixty-two there is not the lack of money, 
organization and technological know-how that there is now!!


John Grigg

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