X-Message-Number: 12282
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 14:50:16 -0400
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: Reality Check 2

        Reading George Smith's recent messages
is a little like hearing about life in an alternative universe.

        Mr. Smith says:  "My entire point is that it is
wiser to assume that the juggernaut of modern medical
industry with its billions of dollars and crystal-clear profit
motive will succeed whether or not others, such as 21st
Century, succeed or not."

        The facts are that the potential to make big 
bucks with improved or perfected methods of cryopreser-
vation *is* crystal-clear, and the "juggernaut" that Mr. Smith
refers to has done exactly nothing to date to take advantage 
of these opportunities.  Not one of the giant medical corpor-
ations is conducting cryopreservation research in spite of 
the "profit motive" to do so.

        Smith goes on to say:  "If you don't think THEY can
do it, with billions of dollars and the world's best researchers,
what makes you think WE can do it better, with less money
and fewer scientists."

        The reason I think "WE" can do it is because we
*are* doing it.  21CM has already made significant advances 
in cryopreservation, such as the world's first synthetic ice 
blocker (take a look at 21CM.com) and improved vitrification
solutions, and we are continuing to make progesss. Clearly,
the giant medical corporations *could* accelerate progress
in cryopreservation with their billions of dollars by investing
some of it in cryopreservation research.  A highly efficient
way of doing so would be for them to seek to invest in 21CM 
or to purchase 21CM.  I expect that such offers will, indeed, 
be forthcoming, perhaps in the near future, and look forward
to them.

        The giant medical corporations are not only not
conducting cryopreservation research, they are not even
conducting ice control research in large markets they are
already in.  Both Novartis and Rhone Poulenc have "Crop
Protection" divisions which gross more than a billion
dollars a year.  Neither of these divisions is conducting
research to develop methods of protect crops against
freezing damage, which is responsible for billions of
dollars of economic loss every year.  21CM's emerging
technologies, on the other hand, have the potential to
solve this problem.     Again, I look forward to the possi-
bility of collaborating with these companies.

---Saul Kent, CEO
21st Century Medicine

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