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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: The "Alternative Universe" is the Future - reply to Saul Kent
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 11:32:23 -0700

In Message #12282, Saul Kent wrote:
>         Reading George Smith's recent messages
> is a little like hearing about life in an alternative universe.
>         Mr. Smith says:  "My entire point is that it is
> wiser to assume that the juggernaut of modern medical
> industry with its billions of dollars and crystal-clear profit
> motive will succeed whether or not others, such as 21st
> Century, succeed or not."
>         The facts are that the potential to make big
> bucks with improved or perfected methods of cryopreser-
> vation *is* crystal-clear, and the "juggernaut" that Mr. Smith
> refers to has done exactly nothing to date to take advantage
> of these opportunities.  Not one of the giant medical corpor-
> ations is conducting cryopreservation research in spite of
> the "profit motive" to do so.

You are not reading what I am writing.

My entire point is that I suspect that "cryopreservation" research AT THIS
TIME is unnecessary.  The 'juggernaut" I refer to is international medical
technology as a whole:  CAT scans, MRI. the entire transplant industry,
micro-surgery techniques, fiber-optic surgery - all the reasons that
medicine today is so incredibly expensive and profitable resulted from the
ongoing efforts of this "juggernaut".

Ongoing efforts.

I am NOT simply looking at "cryopreservation", an admittedly tiny blip on
the horizon of modern medical research.

I AM discussing the BIG picture - and that picture has expanded radically
with the Nano-computer breakthrough.

I am sure 21CM will continue.  But so will the really LARGE and POWERFUL
giants of medical research technology.  I simply doubt that new and elegant
even "reversable" cryopreservation methods will be necessary once the tools
which will come from nano research come on line.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to discover that straight freeze
techniques (lacking ANY cryoprotectant) will succeed due to the coming new

Only time will tell if I am wrong about this.

It is too soon to be certain.

But please understand what I am writing about.  The "alternate universe" you
are referring to is THE FUTURE.  And it is the necessary component for
determining what will be ultimately shown to be true.

>         Smith goes on to say:  "If you don't think THEY can
> do it, with billions of dollars and the world's best researchers,
> what makes you think WE can do it better, with less money
> and fewer scientists."

And I am still saying so.  The key word is "it".  "It" is the successful
reanimation of human cryonics patients.  Not just current "cryopresevation"
research which may very well prove unecessary.

>         The reason I think "WE" can do it is because we
> *are* doing it. <snip>

You mean, you BELIEVE you are doing it.  Maybe, as I suggest, you will
discover you have been wasting your time, like trying to go to the moon in
an airplane.  Maybe not.  At this juncture, you CAN'T know.

This is only being honest.

And even if current research efforts in cryopreservation truly succeed, this
does not mean that we will NEED them as the massive broad-based medical
research effort in nano now proceeds.

After all, if projected nano-devices are created (and this seems now to be
inevitable as a consequence of both the Nano-computer breakthrough and the
money being spent internationally in this arena) we will no longer even need
drugs for treating disease.  With a "smart" immune system and DNA-checking
going on internally, not only will aging be reversed in living human beings
but disease will cease to require drug treatment.  Thus all modern
pharmaceutical drug research will also end up being surpassed by a superior
"treatment" technology.

I apologize to those who find that the blueprint of the future which is
coming at us with increasing speed seems like "an alternative universe".  I
am sorry that the future which is coming does not necessarily fit your
personal expectations.

But it isn't really my fault.  It is being produced by the massive efforts
of research which is applying what works to make money.

Fortunately it will also probably save our lives.

Eventually, we will get there.  Cryopreservation research today may very
well prove to have been unnecessary when all is said and done.  All these
issues will eventually be demonstrated and the truth will be determined.

But not yet.

Optimism and honesty are of the greatest importance at this stage.

Otherwise we will simply be shocked by that "alternate universe" which is
shaping itself around us: the FUTURE.

George Smith
"The future ain't what it used to be."

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