X-Message-Number: 12289
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 06:01:38 -0400
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: Saul Kent's Beliefs

        Saul Kent believes that 21CM's scientifically
verifiable advances in cryopreservation are not beliefs.
Kent believes that, if 21CM is successful in cryopre-
serving organs and other body parts for transplant, 
the company will make a great deal of money.  Kent
further believes that, if 21CM succeeds in perfecting
human cryopreservation, it will become a huge, multi-
billion corporation.  Finally, Saul Kent believes that
21CM will use some of the money it makes from 
cryopreservation advances to conduct research 
to conquer aging and death.

---Saul Kent, CEO
21st Century Medicine 

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