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Subject: Re: Oh Yeah?

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From Steve Bridge
August 20, 1999

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        Subject: Oh Yeah?
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>My good friend sent this link to me with the above subject "Oh Yeah?"
>Although not a cryonist, she strongly supports our right to explore and
>perhaps open the door to another option.

First, please note that a "w" got dropped here.   The correct address is:


This is actually a satirical piece on death and the health professions, 
which sounds like it could have been written by a cryonicist.  The 
Onion is a clever, off-the-wall, on-line (pun intended) magazine 
somewhat like the Harvard Lampoon.

To quote the opening paragraph:  

"GENEVA, SWITZERLAND--World Health Organization officials
expressed disappointment Monday at the group's finding that, despite the
enormous efforts of doctors, rescue workers and other medical
professionals worldwide, the global death rate remains constant at 100

And the article's conclusion:  " "Why should we continue to spend 
billions of dollars a year on a health care industry whose sole purpose 
is to prevent death, only to find, once again, that death awaits us all?" 
Nader said in an impassioned address to several suburban Californians. 
"That's called a zero percent return on our investment, and that's not
Its time the paying customer stood up to the HMOs and to the so-called 
'medical health professionals' and said: 'Enough is enough. I'm paying 
through the nose here, and I don't want to die.'"

You can all supply one more paragraph for your friends, I'm sure.  It's
a look.

Steve Bridge

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