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Subject: Re: The medical juggernaut
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 11:01:41 +0100

I do not want to denigrate the work being done at 21CM, indeed once the
shares are on the public markets I would probably seek buying opportunities.

However I suggest that crop freezing damage research suggested meets the
criteria that some of us have been discussing - it is possible to do it with
the existing industrial and scientific infrastructure. It will indeed be
great news if 21CM could make a presence for itself in this area and use
some of the profit (and public acclaim) generated to research frontier
knowledge that will one day lead to reversible cryopreservation.

But lets look at Queen Victoria's attempt to produce BBC TV again. The money
she pumps in, in 1850 or thereabouts, would have to be spent on projects
that are compatible with existing technology. Improvements to steam engines,
manufacture of enamelled copper wire, and so on. But would they produce a
television service in her lifetime? Fantasise that you are a time traveller,
going back with nothing but what is in your head. How soon could you produce
television starting in 1850? Remember it has to be a global service to cover
the British Empire.

Lest Darkness Fall, to Bring the Light : 2 Books in 1
by L. Sprague De Camp, David Drake, L. Sprague De Camp, Harry Turtledove

Lest Darkness Fall is a brilliant "change the past" sci fi novel written in
the 1930s about stopping the decline of Rome. Despite its age it is still a
good fun read and I would regard it as almost required reading for
understanding the issues behind introducing technology outside of it time.


Mr De Camp adds a lot of historical expertise to this fantasy (there is no
science in the time travel - a thunderstorm did the trick). Click on the
link for many reader reviews.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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