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Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 06:55:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: diana singh <>
Subject: Let's move ahead

Hi everyone,

I think there is a slight misunderstanding about what George is trying
to say and what others are reading into his correspondence.

Cryonics by its very nature can become extremly 
popular if it is projected in a positive way by the
industry/government/institutional framework.
Cryonics has not spread at all during the last two decades inspite of
so much time and money that has been put in by the core group(this core
group will always be around propably changing with time). What George
means is that the time has come for us to be open for a radical shift
in our approach. We could do this in the following way;
(these points are my own),

-  Interact with the industry and try to involve them in doing research
in cryonics wherever possible.

-  Encourage companies like 21cM to list on the stock market (I do not
know if 21cM is publicly traded in the US). This will increase the
knowledge about cryonics in the investor community. We might get a few
hundred new members just by one IPO of a cryonic related company. The
US market is closely watched by the world community and there is
possibility of non-American members joining cryonics also.

-  A successful IPO will attract the bigger companies into cryonics.
Ofcourse  some of you will argue that a cryonics related company will
never be successful. This is where George's optimism should be taken
seriously. We have to pull in big money. I mean why shouldn't we do it?
Why wait for the next century and the future to take its course. This
is the future. We have to mould it as we want to. IN ALL POSSIBLE WAYS.

-  If the Nano computer is going to be successful we should encourage
(by writing articles in magazines/newspapers or appearing on TV) the
companies in this area to establish research links with
biotech/genetic/pharma/IT firms (arrange meetings between the key
participants). What the core group of cryonicysts can do is to bring
about a consious convergence in different technologies. Since they
themselves cannot do all the required research, by bringing about a
convergence a cryonics centered discipline can be forged.

Mr. Bridge wrote;

<It's a comfortable philosophy.  Cheap.  Leaves plenty of time for 
typing opinions on CryoNet.  No one has to leave his home or do any 
real work.  Not terribly *realistic*, of course; but then, what the 
heck?  We're cryonicists; what do we know about reality >

 -  Let's not be too critical of those who are not active in cryonics
on a daily basis (I don't know if George is).  I mean how much can I
contribute given my circumstances and nature of work. People who are
outside the scientific establishment can only share whatever little
they understand. If  cryonet members like myself make a few errors or
are overconfident it is upto the senior members to understand and not
react too negatively. I think we have one of the best discussion groups
in the world.

-  One last thing. A hundred years ago no one had a car. Today almost
everyone in the developed world and probably 20% of the developing
world owns a car. That's 500 million cars @ $10,000 per car = $5000
billion!!! Enough to attract the biggest corporations. Now cryonics ;
500 million people preserved @ $20,000 (conservative estimate) =
$10,000 billion !!!!! (Like I said please don't get critical ! but
that's our potential and market). 

Let a hundred George Smiths and a thousand Saul Kents bloom so that we
can live for a million years!!



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