X-Message-Number: 12343
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 09:54:50 -0500
From: Steve Jackson <>
Subject: Re: New bracelets

Ouch. It would have been nice to check with members first, rather than
rushing to produce bracelets for everyone and mail them out. I wear a neck
tag; I have no use for the bracelet. Why waste money, whether mine or
Alcor's, producing and mailing bracelets that won't be worn?

The thoughtful, and economic, thing to do would have been to invite members
to say "I'd rather have a neck tag," or even "I don't wear it; don't
bother." Now, I think it's poor judgment to sign up and then not wear any
form of jewelry ID, but some people do and that's that. It's their right.
If people don't answer, sure, default to sending them a bracelet.

But this wasn't thought through in advance, and now if I want to wear the
new phone number I have to pay extra and wait and wait. It's a little
thing, but let's try to do better.

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