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Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 14:32:47 EDT
Subject: Re: Questions (Msg #12311)

> From: Adam Hunter <>
> Subject: questions
> I have a couple of questions for the people on this list who plan to be
> frozen:
> 1.  In any way does cryonics provide the same sort of psychological
> comfort that religion provides for some people?  Have you just replaced
> heaven with the future?
Don't know, heaven is a nonsens to me, I have no religious beliefs and never 
> 2.  Since you plan to live forever, what are your long term goals?  How
> do you look at life differently than somebody who expects to live a
> short life span?
I am interested in space exploration and astronomy. Here, present day
projects may extent, from first idea to results, for more than 20 years.
If we want to go farther, with bigger systems, some projects would
expand well in the century domain...
On the investment front, I am interested by 2- 3 percent return/year
or even less if there is some other benefits. For example sowing
long lived trees with harvesting horizon in the century range.
I think a sustainable technology must be dominated by long term
projects. You can't manage a planet as Earth if you can't seriously
think beyond some centuries. A political view limited in time to the
next election is the worst you can get after financial speculation at
one month horizon on the stock exchange.

 >2.  Are any of you afraid of your bodies falling into the wrong hands
 >after your frozen?  It is possible that you might be reanimated as some
 >kind of lab animal.   
Laboratory animal is a bad technology, it is phased out right now
I don't see why it would be used in the comming centuries. May
be a pet or a zoo animal... If you can't adapt, then yes you may
turn into a kind of living fossil. Anyway, it will be a personal choice.

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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