X-Message-Number: 12369
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 1999 09:00:58 -0400
From: Brook Norton <>
Subject: CryoNet #12366 - #12368

Bob Ettinger wrote:

>In terms of near-future, practical measures, if you or a family member are

terminal and want to initiate cryopreservation, my suggestion is as
Die in a state that does not have a law against suicide (even though it may

have a law against assisted suicide, as in Michigan). Make prior
with the Medical Examiner, and have him or a representative present when
patient (unassisted) commits suicide by an appropriate method. Obtain the 
Medical Examiner's prior assurance that he will sign the death certificate 
and waive autopsy.....I'm not saying that locating a cooperative Medical 
Examiner will be easy, but it MIGHT be possible, if handled carefully. 

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society<

I was surprised to hear that Bob considers suicide without autopsy a
possibility today.  I had always dismissed the suicide option because I was
under the impression that suicide ALWAYS carried a high risk of autopsy.  I
got this impression from informal messages on Cryonet.  If it really is
possible to commit suicide without autopsy by using a cooperative Medical
Examiner, this seems extremely important to me.  Another observation is
that your suspension may need to be funded in some other way besides life
insurance (but I'm not sure; I seem to recall sometimes there is a two-year
only prohibition on suicide after the policy starts, but I don't really
know).  Has anyone of sound mind ever been suspended after committing
suicide for the purpose of suspension as opposed to depression?

I'm 39, and like John Grigg, I hope to have a more open political
environment by the time my health is in serious decline.  I recently
witnessed the slow decline and death of a relative with Alzheimer's.  It
was a tradgedy from every perspective.  And its the kind of thing that
could grab any of us and destroy our brain before we can be suspended.  I
am going to try to learn more about suicide without autopsy.

Brook Norton
CI member

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