X-Message-Number: 12381
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 1999 19:11:48 -0700
From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: Discussion On Trusts

In Message #12371 Carol Shaw <> wrote:

>At this month's Alcor Northern California meeting, we will continue our 
>discussion of cryonics estate planning and trusts. 

I live a long way from Northern California and will therefore be 
unable to attend that meeting, although it does strike a chord of 
intense interest on my part.  I presume your discussion of trusts 
will not only cover trusts for the purpose of covering suspension 
costs, but also those, which may provide some initial funding 
after revival.  While I take an indefinitely extended life anyway 
I can get it, I would find some funding providing financial 
independence for at least the initial period of acclimatisation 
to the progress we will no doubt encounter, most desirable. While 
I have not pursued this in any depth, it appears to me that the 
opening of a trust, which will carry on in our favour after we are 
legally dead and be available after revival will pose no 
unsurmountable problems other than the matter of trusting, that 
the trust and the legal framework which covers it, will survive. 

The big problem, I see, is one of identifying ourselves as the 
rightful owners, if we don't know in which form we will be 
revived.  If biological, there is the genetic code as well as 
retinal patterns, hand prints and such.  But what if we are 

A relatively modest account could over a long period compound to 
a substantive sum, which might tempt all kinds of insiders with 
access to our genetic material to hijack such accounts through 
cloning the body parts needed for ID or read the digital 
information necessary to obtain the funds illegally.  That done, 
the incentive is huge to sabotage our revival. :(

If the above is paranoid, then at least it could be material to 
be integrated into a book about cryonics.  :)


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