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Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 11:54:35 +0100

There is the Reanimation Foundation.

As far as I understand, money placed with them (min $25k) can be in any form
whilst the client is still alive. Therefore it may be invested in high
growth technology mutual funds.

However once the client is cryopreserved, the funds are amalgamated and the
client will only get 3% growth on his portion of the total. I know that even
with 3% money accumulates over the years, but inflation erodes the value of
money and it is quite possible than millionaires of the future will exhaust
their millions on a couple of meals. The 3% may seem mean, but I understand
that the professional costs with running the foundation are extortionate,
and the fees have to be met somehow.

If I am wrong about the amalgamation, maybe someone can comment.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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> From: Olaf Henny <>
> Subject: Discussion On Trusts
> In Message #12371 Carol Shaw <> wrote:
> >At this month's Alcor Northern California meeting, we will continue our
> >discussion of cryonics estate planning and trusts.
> I live a long way from Northern California and will therefore be
> unable to attend that meeting, although it does strike a chord of
> intense interest on my part.  I presume your discussion of trusts
> will not only cover trusts for the purpose of covering suspension
> costs, but also those, which may provide some initial funding
> after revival.  While I take an indefinitely extended life anyway
> I can get it, I would find some funding providing financial
> independence for at least the initial period of acclimatisation
> to the progress we will no doubt encounter, most desirable.

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