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Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 08:41:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: not all UW solutions are alike

...old hat, but maybe worth mentioning again...
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  Fischer JH.  Jeschkeit S.
  Institut fur Experimentelle Medizin, Universitat zu Koln, Germany.
  Effectivity of freshly prepared or refreshed solutions for heart preservation
  versus commercial EuroCollins, Bretschneider's HTK or
  University of Wisconsin solution.
  Transplantation.  59(9):1259-62, 1995 May 15.
  Rat hearts were preserved for 18 hr under totally ischemic storage conditions
  at 0-1 degree C with the commercially supplied EuroCollins,
  Bretschneider's HTK, and University of Wisconsin (UW)
  preservation solutions compared with our new preservation solution,
  Euro-Flush-glutathione solution, and a "refreshed" UW solution (UWG) with 3
  mmol/L reduced glutathione added before use. Recovery of the organs was
  measured during 30 min of parabiotic reperfusion with whole blood of a host
  rat of the same inbred LEW strain, following an initial warm reflush for 5
  min. Functional measurements were performed using a latex balloon in the left
  ventricle. The metabolic recovery was determined from the myocardium
  freeze-clamped at the end of reperfusion. The left ventricular pressure (LVP)
  amplitude during pacing to a heart rate of 300/min, as well as +dp/dtmax,
  -dp/dtmax, isotonic stroke volume, coronary flow, ATP, and ECP values,
  recovered significantly better after storage in Euro-Flush-glutathione
  solution (LVP: 63% of controls on average) compared with when the
  commercially available solutions were used (EuroCollins: 20%, HTK: 42% of
  controls in LVP). Hearts preserved in UW solution ViaSpan did not recover
  during the reperfusion period, when unfiltered solution was used. Filtered
  ViaSpan resulted in LVP recoveries of 38% of controls, while addition of
  reduced glutathione immediately before use (UWG) improved the effectivity of
  this solution significantly (LVP 63% of controls). Similar improvements were
  found for all other functional and metabolic parameters. Thus, the
  effectivity of UW solution ViaSpan depends upon extraction of the typical
  particles by a filtering procedure. Effectivity can be improved by a
  refreshment procedure with reduced glutathione immediately before use.

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