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Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 20:03:15 EDT
Subject: Re: insurance for suicide

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 I was surprised to hear that Bob considers suicide without autopsy a
 possibility today.  I had always dismissed the suicide option because I was
 under the impression that suicide ALWAYS carried a high risk of autopsy.  I
 got this impression from informal messages on Cryonet.  If it really is
 possible to commit suicide without autopsy by using a cooperative Medical
 Examiner, this seems extremely important to me.  Another observation is
 that your suspension may need to be funded in some other way besides life
 insurance (but I'm not sure; I seem to recall sometimes there is a two-year
 only prohibition on suicide after the policy starts, but I don't really
 know).  Has anyone of sound mind ever been suspended after committing
 suicide for the purpose of suspension as opposed to depression? >>

Hello and warm wishes to all.  This is Rudi Hoffman, Certified Financial 
Planner and insurance broker extraordiaire'.  Re: insurance paying off on 

Yes, it does.  Every policy I know of has a standard two year period for 
contestibility and suicide.  In other words, the policy will pay off even if 
you suicide after the policy has been in force for 24 months. 

Interestingly, I had an opportunity to experience the reality of this suicide 
period in my practice a few years ago.  I got a call from a gentleman, who 
was the beneficiary of a fairly large ($135,000) policy.  He said, "My 
daughter just killed herself, will your policy pay off?"  

I checked, the policy was 26 months old.  After confirming with the company, 
I told the gentlemen that the policy would indeed pay off.  I delivered this 
check to him 10 days later.  

My client had invested a total of about 370 dollars.  I delivered a check for 
over 135,000.  Only life insurance creates an "Instant, tax free, creditor 
proof estate". 

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