X-Message-Number: 12396
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 21:39:39 -0700
From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: A Quest for Physician Assisted Suicide in Canada

Earlier today I listened to a radio interview with Jim Weekford 
(I did not hear that name very well and it may have it completely 
wrong), an AIDS sufferer, who launched a challenge based on the 
Canadian constitution to win the right to physician assisted 
suicide.  Mr. Weekford had some previous success in such matters, 
when he launched a similar constitutional challenge in 1998 and 
was awarded the right to use Marihuana for his own medical 
purposes earlier this year.  However this did not include an 
exemption for his suppliers.

Mr. Weekford stated in this interview, that suicide was legal in 
Canada, but that several of his friends and acquaintances have 
botched their attempts for lack of knowledge and as a result 
suffered needlessly.


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