X-Message-Number: 126
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Reanimation Foundation 
Date: 27 Aug 1989

The August 1989 issue of The Immortalist included a note (appended below)
about the addition of Saul Kent to the list of speakers for the Oct. 6 - 8
Cryonics Conference in Michigan.  (See message #109 for the conference
announcement.)  The topic of Kent's presentation is (apparently) the
Reanimation Foundation.  This is the first time I had heard about it.
Does anyone on the mailing list have any more details on it?
                                       - Kevin Q. Brown
From The Immortalist, Vol 20, No. 8, August, 1989
Immortalist Society, 24443 Roanoke, Oak Park, MI 48237

Another speaker has been added to the Cryonics Conference Oct. 6 - 8 in
Southfield, Michigan, sponsored by the Immortalist Society.  Saul Kent,
an Alcor mainstay, will follow Linda Chamberlain on Saturday.

Saul and his business partner, William Faloon, have been working to set up
a new organization called the Reanimation Foundation for "three purposes:
funding of reanimation research, funding of reanimation attempts, and
funding of the reanimated individual's re-entry into society."

The Reanimation Foundation will, it is said, be the "first cryonics
organization to enable individuals signed up for cryonics to take their
money with them.  It will be able to offer this service because it will be
incorporated in Liechtenstein, which has no rule against perpetuities."

Those who have followed our reports on Lifepact [message #87], brainchild of
Linda and Fred Chamberlain, recognize that the Kent-Faloon organization has
similar aims.  This adds a bit of ferment to an already lively conference;
we will have a good chance to compare concepts and offerings and maybe
plan for the things we should be doing now, to help assure our welfare a
century or so hence.

We have already heard comments that the planning efforts being made by Linda
and Fred, and by Saul and Bill, make the cryonics scenario seem more real,
and should invigorate the movement further.

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