X-Message-Number: 12603
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 11:08:10 -0700
Subject: The discussion about feelings

Feelings are experienced and interpreted by humans as good ones or bad
ones. Good feelings tell us that life is ok, we are safe, and the
positive survival of things or those we care about is enhanced. Bad
feelings tell us that we are apparantly in danger or that negative
things to ourselves, our things, our survival or those we care about are
being threatened. These feelings persuade us to do something. As
compared to a computer that is programmed to monitor its internal and
external environment and always make positive adjustments (or least
logically likely to be positively corrective), humans may also do the
same. But often or just as likely, a human will take action to worsen
the bad feelings ( ignore it, do drugs, irrationally attack another,
self destruct)or celebrate the good feelings like having a party or
laughing or buying flowers or taking a day off from work. Computers do
none of these things. I'm gonna wait till I see a computer, that has not
been so preprogrammed by a human, stop trying, refuse to take any more
imput, or kill itself when it has failed miserably at solving a problem
or print out a note that says I've done good for today, I'm tired, and
I'm gonna take a nap and dream about how nice life is, or say I wont (or
will) work with this printer for no other reason than it was made by a
Black Jewish Gay owned company.

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