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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: A response to Mike Darwin's comments about unlovable cryonicists...
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 13:03:25 PDT

Hello everyone,

Mike Darwin in paraphrasing Roger Ebert writes:
"The real problem with many cryonicists is not simply that they are
"unpopular" -- they are creepy and not very nice. They are the kind of
people who inspire in you the inexplicable desire to be hurtful and cruel.
You don't meet people like that very often, but when you met them, you know
who they are. And you want to get awy from them before you do something
that would undermine your self-image as a nice person."

--with thanks to Roger Ebert
(end of post reproduction)

I would love to know the movie and type of people Roger Ebert was writing 
about!  If this is really true about us then we had all better watch out.  
There may be anti-cryonicist pogroms as we are chased out of communities by 
raging mobs with burning torches.  Also fathers who suspect their daughters 
are dating a closet cryonicist may demand the fellow never come around 
again!  Are we really as unpopular as guys who hang out at comic shops and 
play role-playing games and "Magic" every moment they can? :)

Seriously, when I read the altered quote I think of racist skinheads, 
neo-nazi's, gangbangers and child molesters.  Now they are creepy and not 
very nice.

I admit being in Alaska I have not had the chance to socialize with the 
various cryonics groups and get to know the membership.  But do some of them 
really give one the urge to do harm?  I would only go as far as saying they 
gave the urge perhaps to leave and not come back but not resort to physical 

I have heard the stories of how one reason there are so many cryonics groups 
is because of disagreement and infighting.  I have heard how some 
individuals have been unethical with finances or with the facts. And how 
broken promises between prominant members of the cryonics community has 
caused bad feelings to arise in some quarters.

Anyway, I think it just depends on the group and the individual.  And I can 
see how those who are disenfranchised with their present life would want to 
have a chance for a better one with cryonics.  Maybe part of the reason 
others don't like them is that they don't like themselves.  So this minority 
of cryonics membership shows up and in some instances makes bad impressions 
on others.  Again though, this is just my opinion on the matter.

As I have said before, the people of the future may not be so thrilled with 
the idea of us entering their society!  They may scan the brains of everyone 
in suspension to see how personable and mature they are.  So we had all 
better be working on becoming well-rounded individuals so at some late 21st 
century cocktail party you won't hear two officers of a reanimation fund 
saying "eventually we will get around to bringing back "so and so"... 


John Grigg

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