X-Message-Number: 12615
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 06:32:51 EDT
Subject: Question for Mike Darwin

I commend intellectual honesty of Mike Darwin recent posts, #12464. His 
knowledge of cryobiological side of the problem is very impressive-#12595.
 However, I am puzzled. I'd like to ask you, Mike, do you think organ 
cryopreservation is possible at all? (Without nanotech, just using biological 
means).  Is it true that most cryobioligists just gave up on organ 
I thought that recent work by 21CM was close to success in vitrifying 
organs-am I wrong?  What exactly is missing, in your opinion?
I wish you good luck and hope your research will lead to finally achieving 
this elusive reversible cryopreservation.

Alex Berg

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