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From: "John Clark" <>
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Subject: A question for Mike Daewin
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 17:36:15 -0400

In Message #12624 Mike Darwin <> Wrote:

    >Thus, [ referring to the recent work of Hans-Ulrich Dodt ]  even  single
    >synapse may undergo long-term depression and each single synapse
    >could be used to store information separately from its neighbor.

It could be but do you think it really does? Couldn't there still be redundant 
of the same information on many different synapses? The reason I ask this is
because of related work not on LTD but on Long Term Potentiation, in particular

the work of Dan Madison and Erin Schuman In the January 28 1994 issue of 
They found that LTP spreads out over a large area so you have lots of copies
of the same thing. Neural Net expert Terrence Sejnowski said at the time
"Instead of thinking of a synapse as representing a piece of information you

can now begin thinking of a population of potentiated synapses acting together".
Could the same thing be true for Long Term Depression?

        John K Clark     

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