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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: the future of cryonics funding and research...
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 14:05:32 PDT

Hello everyone,

I was very saddened by Alex Berg's comments about the very long time spans 
it can take even well financed research to make breakthroughs.  I admit I do 
tend to agree with him and it goes right along with what Mike Darwin has 
been trying to tell us.

Alex Berg wrote:
>If we want to really move ahead, means must exist for interested and >not 
>very wealthy individuals to finance research specifically for >brain 
>cryopreservation. Even if 21CM will trade its shares, the bulk >of its 
>applications are NOT brain-related, so this is still NOT a way >to finance. 
>Then, what is?

I do not know just how much money 21CM could raise by trading it's shares.  
Does anyone have an estimate?  I seriously wonder whether enough money would 
be raised for major research into reversible suspension for the brain.  And 
remember, once they are held accountable to shareholders they may be 
influenced to not invest so much money and effort into cryonic brain 
suspension research.

The Prometheus Project had this as their state goal but raising the funds 
necessary has not happened for them and they are basically "dead in the 
water" at this point.  They only have four million raised in soft pledges 
and they have stated until ten million is pledged the research will not 
commence in a major way.  Paul Wakfer really tried though.

>Summarizing, I must admit there's currently NO reasons for optimism >that 
>reversible brain cryopreservation will be even demonstrated in >the next 
>10-20 years, if at all. Apparently there's not enough >business people 
>interested in solving this problem and false feeling >of security among 
>cryonicists caused by nanotech guys. Sad >conclusion, indeed.

You are depressing me! lol  Dr. Greg Fahy did say that in ten years time he 
thought 21CM would achieve this didn't he?  Or was he simply talking about 
unreversible brain suspension but with no serious signs of structural 

Our only hope at this point is Saul Kent and William Faloon who have put 
their money where there mouth is.  I have heard they started their company 
with the express goal of generating money to fund cryonics research!  I 
realize we would all like them to spend more on research into brain 
preserving methods but still we all owe them a huge debt of gratitude.  And 
remember that Saul Kent in a post here recently stated that next year he 
will be doing major fundraising!  If anyone has the connections and 
influence to raise some serious capital he would.

Already 21CM has made leaps forward in terms of reducing brain cell damage 
during suspension.  The article I read in "Cryonics" by Charles Platt really 
impressed me.  I hope it does not take too long for the cryonics 
organizations to incorporate these methods.

I am fairly young being only thirty-two years old.  But even I can only wait 
so long!  If I make it to my early seventies much progress will have been 
made I am certain.  Many of you do not have so much time though I could be 
killed in an accident or by disease much earlier.  I want to be able to hang 
with you guys in my spacestation condo in the late 21st century and so we 
are going to have to get a handle on these challenges before then.

I have actually thought of writing to the rich and powerful myself trying to 
get them interesting in putting money into cryonics research.  I realize 
this is a long-shot and I have had it pointed out to me that the very 
wealthy are concerned obout not being seen as "kooky" by their peers and the 
public and so giving to cryonics could be seen in a negative light.  Also 
the very wealthy tend to be very conservative when it comes to giving money 
despite the fact they have so much.  Lastly, just contacting them can be 
very difficult because usually they have an aid who screens their mail.

Despite all these reasons to not try I still think that if even one very 
wealthy individual is convinced then it would be worth it.  As the old 
saying goes, "nothing ventured, nothing gained".

I used to have hope on changing the law regarding "physician assisted 
deanimation for cryonicists" but now view it as merely a dream for at least 
the next several decades.  Greg Burch explained to me the reality of the 
situation.  I hope when it comes to the matters I have discussed in this 
post I do not become just as cynical and "realistic".


John Grigg

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