X-Message-Number: 12639
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 22:51:23 EDT
Subject: CC/CI agreement

The Boards of Directors of the CryoCare Foundation (CC) and the Cryonics 
Institute (CI) have approved an agreement which makes CI services available 
to CC members. (At present, this applies only to those CC members who have 
signed up for the whole body option.)

CC members have already been informed by CC President Ben Best.

The idea is to allow CC members to choose certain services by CC or its 
designees, and other services by CI.

 In particular, a member may choose long term storage by CI after initial 
preparation by some other provider chosen by the member or by CC. CC would 
retain the right to move the patient if that were deemed in the patient's 
best interest. When revival and rehabilitation become feasible, the member 
would have the benefit of CI resources as well as those available through CC 
or its other affiliates.

The CC member who chooses CI services under this agreement need do only a 
little paperwork, and the cost can be minimal. The member must join CI 
(either Option One or Option Two, becoming a joint member of CC and CI), sign 
a simple declaration of intent which will be confirmed by CC, and execute a 
CI contract. CC must guarantee payment to CI, which may mean the member must 
apply for a change of beneficiary or/and ownership of life insurance, with a 
minimum of $28,000 going to CI (or $35,000 in the case of Option Two being 

CC members, along with everyone else, are encouraged to visit and study our 
web site.

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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