X-Message-Number: 12640
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 09:37:53 EDT
Subject: Saul Kent-Demo and financing

In a Message #12638, Saul Kent wrote:
>Third is the fact that, if 21CM succeeds in cryopreserving
>other organs, such as the kidney, it will lead to major publicity and
>credibility for 21CM, and for the field of cryobiology in general. This
>will make brain cryopreservation a more credible research project,
>and will make it easier to raise money for brain cryopreservation 
>research from current and future potential investors.

That's why I think you should perform a demonstration of successful kidney 
cryopreservation NOW, even with the low success rate-of course, if you can. I 
believe your company has patent protection, and if your scientists will 
publish their methods, they will be pioneers. Even if somebody else will come 
with improved technology shortly, your guys are still likely to get Nobel -:).

If this can be demonstrated and then if you'll trade shares, I think 21CM has 
really a great potential, because of development artificial tissues and 
organs makes cryogenic storage a must for the foreseeable future. Some big 
biotech or pharmaceutical company may be interested in financing/buying 21CM 

Saul, you're the man in charge and you hopefully know better  if 
> there is, I believe,enough potential investment capital in the cryonics 
>today to achieve perfected brain cryopreservation in the foresee-able 
future, even if it >takes hundreds of millions of dollars to do so.

I just want to point out that POTENTIAL is just that -a potential. Surely, 
Bill G. has enough money to finance cryonics to the tune of hundreds of 
millions per year without even noticing, and surely he's a smart guy. So the 
POTENTIAL for involving people like him is there-but it's been there for 
DECADES, and so what? As Mike said, we're still using 60's technology in Y2K, 
despite all potentials!

Alex Berg

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