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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: A thanks to Saul Kent for answering my questions...
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 19:18:17 PDT

Hello everyone,

I just want to thank Saul Kent for answering my questions.  I can see the 
logic to moving 21CM out of cryonics research unless it is paid to do so.  
This I suppose must be done to satisfy potential investors.

I am glad that Advanced BioSciences will be a vehicle to give cryonicists a 
chance to put "their money where there mouth is" since it will be focused on 
brain suspension research.  I see the wisdom of "by cryonists and for 

I am pleased that you will be trying to raise funds from wealthy cryonicists 
but even that may be very hard.  I have heard numerous stories about Don 
Laughlin, despite being worth half a billion dollars, not having the desire 
to invest serious money.  And he alone could do so much.  But perhaps you 
can succeed where others have failed.

I am very grateful that you and your partner have not just the wealth and 
status but also the strategic planning vision to put cryonics in the real 
world of business and investment.  I certainly hope the wealthy, the 
middle-class and even the poor college student cryonicists like me can all 
invest their fair share so we can achieve our goals.


John Grigg

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