X-Message-Number: 12662
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 07:25:38 -0700
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Party/Petitions, w/unique, award-winning salsa!

Hi all --

What?  Social/Petition-signing Party
When?  7 PM Friday, November 5th, 1999, till whenever.
Where? Kennita Watson's home, 780 San Pablo Avenue, Sunnyvale
Who?   Kennita Watson (that's me), natch
How?   This message, mostly (sorry if you get it multiple times;
	  it just means we have more in common :-) )
Why?   Read on:

This time (primary March 2000) I'm planning to run for CA State 
Senate.  District 13 (John Vasconcellos incumbent; South San Jose 
through Mountain View).  Libertarian ticket.

I need signatures for my nomination petition.  The most fun way I
could think of to get some was to *hold a party*!  So, please
come sign if you:
	* Live in the 13th State Senate District (San Jose, Campbell,
	  Saratoga,  Santa Clara, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Mountain 
	  View, Los Altos); and
	* Are registered or are willing to be registered Libertarian
	  so you can sign my petition (remember, CA has open primaries,
	  so you can vote for anyone no matter what party you are
	  registered with, but you have to be registered Libertarian
	  to sign my petition) -- I'll have registration forms at
	  the party.

If you can't come Friday evening, but want to sign, send me email,
and I'll mail you a petition (and reg form, if you need one).

I will be springing for Chinese food, and will also be whipping
up a large batch of dessert salsa (a recipe of my own invention
that won an award at a Sun salsa-making contest for "best mild
salsa" -- no spices).  We'll probably discuss politics, Y2K, 
science, science fiction, computers, music, whatever -- we may 
even play some Cosmic Wimpout!  We drink filtered water, nonfat 
milk, and juice here -- if you have another beverage you like, 
please feel free to bring some.

My address is 780 San Pablo Avenue, Sunnyvale.  My number is
408-733-7773.  Brief directions below -- Mapquest may do better
for you.  

101 to Fair Oaks South to Ahwanee East to San Pablo South to #780.

please come by on Friday evening to talk, sign, and socialize.
If you want to be supportive but can't/won't sign, you can help 
me out with a few bucks towards the $1000 filing fee and party

Feel free to write if you have any questions or want a petition.

Thanks!  I hope to see you there!
Live long, and prosper,
Kennita Watson           |   Late to bed, early to rise,
       |      work like hell, and advertise."  
http://i.am/Kennita      |               -- Werner von Braun

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