X-Message-Number: 130
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: mailing list on automatic 
Date: 20 Sep 1989

I soon will be leaving for my Sept. 22 through Oct. 31 wedding and honeymoon
vacation and will be offline during most of this time.  This does not mean
that the cryonics mailing list has to stop while I am away, though.  I have
set up some software to examine all incoming mail messages and those messages
with a "Subject" line with the word CRYONICS (in capital letters) will be
automatically queued for a mailblast to the mailing list.  (Hopefully the
software will not confuse bounced messages from a mailblast as new submissions
to the mailing list!)  For example, if the latest cryonics message sent was
number 130 and a message with the line:
    Subject: CRYONICS reanimation achieved!
arrives, then my mail-handling software will generate a mailblast to the
mailing list with the line:
    Subject: cryonics #131 - reanimation achieved!
Note that since the cryonics mailing list mailblasts use the word "cryonics"
in lower case in the subject lines, a simple "reply" command to me will not
result in a message that gets distributed to the mailing list.  This will
help ensure that submissions to the mailing list have to be deliberate
rather than accidental.  Enjoy your new automated cryonics mailing list!
                                       - Kevin Q. Brown

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