X-Message-Number: 13021
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 22:55:18 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Suffering

I feel very sorry for James Swayze who (1) is suffering enough to at least
raise the issue of whether death would be preferable and (2) apparently
would sign up for cryonics but lacks the funds. (For the record I'll say too
that he may have suffered more than the rest of us, but some of us have
known hardships too.) The issue of people who seriously want to be frozen at
death to seek a life in the future but who can't because of funding problems
is a disturbing one to me. They certainly don't deserve destruction for
their lack of means. The thought of their sacrifice is disgusting, an
outrage. It raises the issue of the possibility of either raising funds for
them, or assisting them somehow to do more in that direction themselves, or
both. This is the sort of thing the Society for Venturism is supposed to be
interested in, though presently our resources are very meager, and our
membership very small. I hope people on this forum will consider this issue
seriously. Let's hear what you think. What can we do? We must not sit idle
while good people are condemned to execution.

Mike Perry

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