X-Message-Number: 13060
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 09:33:52 -0800
From: Mark F Connaughton <>
Subject: Re: Swayze & Thomas
References: <>

For James Swayze, Brent Thomas, Jan Coatzee & others,
  A suggestion re message formatting: please review your 
message before sending it.  It may be worthwhile to save 
the message locally and reopen it to see what the sent 
version looks like.  Netscape in particular, and probably 
other editors aren't WYSIWYG.  Brent's and Jan's recent 
postings are almost unreadable because of this.  (It may 
be a linelength setting in your editor.)  Also you should 
always trim out the quoted material you don't need from 
your replies (or set your emailer to not quote the 
replied-to message).  (James accidentally sent us a repeat 
of cryonet 13038-13044.)  Also, please no html, as Charles
  Other than that, good luck, James.

-Mrk F Connaughton, lurker

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