X-Message-Number: 13061
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 10:32:18 -0800 (PST)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: could luteolin be useful in organ transplantation?

  Rump AF.  Schussler M.  Acar D.  Cordes A.  Theisohn M.  Rosen R.  Klaus W. 
  Fricke U.
  Institut fur Pharmakologie, Universitat Koln, Germany.
  Functional and antiischemic effects of luteolin-7-glucoside
  in isolated rabbit hearts.
  General Pharmacology.  25(6):1137-42, 1994 Oct.
  1. The functional effects of the flavonoid
  luteolin-7-glucoside (LUT) were investigated in
  Langendorff-rabbit hearts perfused at constant pressure. Repetitive
  myocardial ischemia was induced by coronary artery ligature and quantified
  from NADH-fluorescence photography. 2. LUT significantly enhanced left
  ventricular pressure and the global and relative coronary flow (= global
  coronary flow/pressure-rate product). 3. LUT significantly diminished
  epicardial NADH-fluorescence area and intensity. 4. LUT is an inodilator
  possessing cardioprotective properties. These might be related to an
  improvement of myocardial perfusion and/or to free radical scavenging

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