X-Message-Number: 13086
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 16:29:27 +0100
From: "D.den Otter" <>
Subject: Re: non-EMS cryonics

> From: Thomas R Mazanec <>
> Could cryonics be used in situations other than near-death?
> The "standard" is long duration space flight, but I am sure other
> possibilities exist (a Sinologist who says "Thaw me when the
> Mao Dynasty falls", for example).

I presume that by "cryonics" you mean "perfected" suspended
animation, not contemporary methods?

Well, it could also be used as a practical alternative for 
capital punishment and standard imprisonment. This concept 
is used in the movie _Demolition Man_ and the _Tek Wars_ 
series, for example. In both cases the frozen prisoners 
have "horrible nightmares" while frozen, but needless to 
say this is just a load of BS to spice up the story; in 
reality suspended animation would be an extremely humane 
(and relatively cheap!) form of punishment, certainly when 
compared to contemporary prisons which have very little to 
do with "justice". The only objection could be that perhaps 
it is too humane a punishment for certain types of offences. 

Some other candidates for the freezer are the (very) poor -- 
they can be kept in cheap mass suspension until nanotech 
etc. can be used to create automated wealth for all, or at 
least a much higher standard of living -- and the mentally 
and physically handicapped (this includes the chronically
depressed, the paralyzed, the disfigured, those who are
in constant pain etc.) Again, this would be both humane
and relatively cheap (beats welfare etc.) Surely the latter
would make it a very attractive option for governments. 
Have there been some efforts by cryonics organizations
to convince the bureaucrats that suspended animation 
research could be a worthwile investment? The chances
are slim, but it still might be worth a shot...

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