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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: Why the Metamorphosis Society?
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 14:08:53 PST

George Smith wrote:
>My question to you is what are you suggesting that doesn't already >exist?

A primary goal would appear to be having a cryonics organization that is 
based in Japan but networks with people from all over the world.  
Considering how Japan is such an advanced and wealthy nation I think an 
organization like this is long-overdue.

Perhaps they will find more fertile ground in Japan to recruit cryonicists 
and raise money.  I could be wrong but it seems like the Japanese mindset 
might be much more accepting of cryonics.  What are the opinions on this?  I 
hope Japan proves to be the place where the capital can be raised to push 
forward research at the rate we need.

I was very interested by the Japanese members.  Mizuho Hirose is the founder 
and shows a playful and artistic nature though she does not reveal her age 
or background.

From her bio:
My name is Mizuho Hirose.
Please allow me to make secret of my age and background.
But at least I can tell you that my existence itself has now been
greatly appreciated by the Metamorphosis Society.

My principle is as follows:

"After all, good sake and good songs are the musts for one's life."
If I can "go to the future," I would like to make other people happy
by singing many beautiful songs.  In the future, I wish to have a life like 
this... On Monday, I sing chansons at a dance hall to make an energetic 
start for the week; On Tuesday, I take many men with me as the vocal of a 
radical rock band; On Wednesday, I am an innocent little girl and sing 
ancient songs with a small harp; On Thursday, I play piano, probably some 
jazz music; On Friday, I sing songs at a Wagner's opera while playing a 
daughter of God in a mythical world;
On Saturday, I go to a church and offer hymns to God; On Sunday, I enjoy 
sake and my favorite songs at home.

This is how I wish to live in the future.
(end of reproduction)

Takaaki Kaburagi from a young age had the desire to change the world for the 
better through science.  After several starts he decided on information 
science as his field to do this.  He helped Kobe quake survivors network 
online and has designed software for people to work with their local 

This fellow has even written operas that went from the ancient past to the 
future and actually produced one where he met his wife!  He is a 
well-rounded guy but gave up on his opera endeavors when attendance was 

I liked his closing words.  "Even after I "go" to the future, I want to 
enjoy exquisite tastes of various drinks and food, enjoy life with a 
beloved, and enjoy encountering someone and/or something beautiful as many 
times as possible, in order to be energetic to work more for future after 

I just want to say I wish this organization the best.  Perhaps Paul Wakfer 
can see his dreams of reversible cryosuspension realized here?  I hope so.


John Grigg
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