X-Message-Number: 13102
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 10:15:39 -0800
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Sugar antifreezes
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I'm probably only going to show my ignorance and I'm certain this would have
been thought of if it were viable but I have to ask if only to absolve my
ignorance. I've been considering some of the posts about antifreeze solutions
especially those containing sugars so since I have diabetes it occured to me to
ask. Has something like insulin been used to get infusates deep into cells? My
limited understanding of diabetes is that cells starve while plenty of food
(sugar/glucose) awaits outside. Insulin molecules, in laymans terms, unlock the
door to the cells to let the food in. Forgive me if i've just dumbed down these


P.S. This may interest some of you:

                  To the consternation of his
                  rivals, Craig Venter may
                  have the human DNA 100%
                  mapped by summer


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