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Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 21:47:18 +0100
From: Cryonics <>
Subject: How to live to 100 and more
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> Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 21:45:33 -0800
> From: Olaf Henny <>
> Subject: How to live to 100 :)

Searchword is: Centenarians, at least 100 years of age are those, I wrote a
lot about that here before, if we can learn from them, collect the facts and
try to live as they did.
There is a study in Sweden on 100 Centenarians, and several similar projects
at least in Japan, Finland and US, as a I recollect in my memory right now
after some braindraining work on the stockmarket today.

> Missing the all day news casts, which were available to me in the
> City, I have started watching the Deutsche Welle, a German 24
> hour station with news and cultural programming for international
> audiences.
> They have a series of inteviews with senior citicens. - very
> senior citicens.  You have to be at least a hundred to qualify
> for their attention.
Deutsche frauen und menner/Germans I assume.

> A few days ago their guest was a spry old professional gardener,
> who retired at the age of 103 from his business and now at the
> age of 107 lives with his daughter in one of these care homes,
> where you have your own suite, but can take your meals in a
> dining room with the rest of the residents, where he is some kind
> of darling of the "young chicks", two to three decades his
> junior.  He walks up and down the stairs on his "393 paces" long
> hike in either direction and attributes his long life (and by the
> looks of it he has still a number of years ahead of him) to
> remaining active and "eating lots of wurst with my bread".  You
> cannot deny, that the fellow must have done something right, but
> I get a chuckle, that he credits the ingestion of lots of
> cholestrol for his superior health and longevity. :)

Gardener, that's a lot a of fresh air and not so hard work mostly. "Wurst"
that seems like Germany and from a german station, wurst bier brot und ein
bischen wein, that does it, they eat their sausages, healthy bread, beer
vine and veggies but mostly some fat also. And on top of that good social
security, stabile society since decades, a strong people and a good
healthcare where the doctors are able to order normal treatment or an
alternative homeophatic. Gesundheit/healthiness is more of a main issue
> Makes you wonder if all that CR is really worth it.  Maybe Tom
> Mathews should spread butter over his beans more often, than just
> with his x-mas dinner, and is it really worthwhile for Brian
> Manning Delaney to resist his craving for chooocooolaaate?

I haven't found one singel Centenarian who has been on CR so far, not one
vegetarian, all of them eating normal but healthy with moderation, a little
alcohol, no smokers, and above all a merry temper, "dont worry be happy".
So far I haven't found out what Jeanne Calment ate, the worlds oldest who
died at 122 in Arles Provence in the south of France where she lived all her
life. French ladies do get old, the oldest i Europe, the men dont no wonder,
men here get older.

The HUGO-project seems to be our best hope, eternal life is no more a
fiction, but it may stay at 150 years of age as Bob noted, to start with
incl. accidents etc when recovery is to hard to fix. We better hang on until
all new wonders are ready, after HUGO it will take decades to sort it all
out and get fixes, some is found due to HUGO.

Thomas N

PS This is my standard appendix for us in most of my e-mail here, do you do
the same?
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