X-Message-Number: 13104
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 22:17:59 +0100
From: "D.den Otter" <>
Subject: Re: Non EMS Cryonics

> From:  (JOHN KRUG)
>    Re:  #13086
>     Allow me to be the first opposer to D.den Otter's suggestions of
> compulsory use of perfected cryostasis for certain groups of people.

What makes you think that I'm proposing _compulsory_ suspensions
(except in the case of cryo prisons, perhaps, but even this could 
be made optional)? It should be offered as a welfare _alternative_ 
to people who are in a "hopeless" position.

> That's a good starter if you want to make enemies.   It's likely that if
> you push people, they will push you back.   Governments may do well to
> provide perfected cryostasis as 
> an optional benefit,  but arbitrary use will backfire.   

Sure, the idea could be abused, just as widespread CCTV
surveillance and the right to keep and bear arms can be
abused (for example), but the potential benefits far 
outweigh the risks, IMO.

> People have
> individual rights in democracies...

Yeah, like the right to freely use any recreational drugs or
medications you want, the right to end your life when and
how you see fit, the right to defend yourself with appropriate 
(equal) force, the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy 
at any time, the right to walk naked in public places, the
right to hold duels, the right to know what your government 
is up to etc. Hmmm.


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