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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 14:57:13 -0600
Subject: Questions on the approaching issue of overpopulation
From: "McGaothan" <>

All this talk of freezing aborted fetus's has got me thinking of another 
topic. What about over population? unless I'm mistaken (which considering my
lack of specific knowledge is likely) are we kind of close already? With the
introduction of nanotech into our society life spans will more than likely
sky rocket, correct? I do believe it was even previously stated a few days
ago that death via old age would no longer be a factor. So what are we
planning to do to combat this. Understandable by that time we'll be able to
create cheaper, stronger, more confined living spaces but still I don't
think that'll help much will it? Are we expecting the space industry to just
blast off (no pun intended) and we'll find ourselves with the limitless
expanses of space to claim residence in? I'm sure this issue has been
addressed already but I'm still curious what sort of measures will be taken.
Especially with all of those who either already have or at least plan to be
frozen (do we have a count of how many have been? again my own curiosity).
What happens when we finally find a way to successfully bring them back? We
just sent the population up a little more with this "instantaneous" addition
of people. Maybe it's just me but I think things may get a little crowded
here in the near future. Even with the advancement of contraceptives,
especially through nanotech. hmmm maybe we could initiate a 200 yr. age

Also, I'm rather new to the fields of cryonics and nanotechnology (only been
studying them for about a year now) so i was wondering if everyone could
give me a few suggestions of places to check out, and maybe some books to
read. I'm also looking for a nanotech list like this to take part in. Thanks

James Hill

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