X-Message-Number: 13119
Subject: Re: Cryopreserving fetuses
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 22:49:43 -0600
From: Will Dye <>

I've long thought that this was a good idea, and have been deeply 
disappointed that it has not been successful as yet.  Like cryonics 
itself, it just hasn't caught on, despite being discussed for many 
years.  But if we remain hopeful that cryonics for adults will 
eventually catch on, should we not also remain hopeful that cryonics 
for the unborn will catch on?  I say let's not give up on this.  If 
someone wants to start a new initiative on the matter, please count 
me in.  I probably can't help much, but I'll help as much as I can.  

If it's helpful, here's a bit of background on my own perspective. 
I am what might be called a "Fundamentalist" Christian (though the 
term has become so politically charged that it has lost much of its 
meaning).  Certainly I take the Bible quite seriously.  I'm also very 
much in favor of cryonics, and cautiously interested in things like 
uploading and machine intelligence.  I'm currently engaged in a 
through-the-Bible study on the idea of the soul, with the goal of 
establishing a hypertext forum for accurately discussing what the 
Bible actually says and does not say about the subject.  I feel much 
more comfortable with being called pro-life than pro-choice, though 
there are details regarding the matter that I won't go into right 
now.  The bottom line is that I have one foot in the camp of the 
wacko Fundies, and one foot in the camp of the wacko Extro's.  An 
unusual perspective, perhaps, but one that can potentially bring in 
some synergies that might otherwise be missed.  


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