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Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 09:41:03 -0600
From: Than Putzig <>
Subject: population and nanotech
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Check this out for a really interesting take on this from Dr. Smalley (nobel
laureate co-discoverer of the "buckyball" and Professor at Rice University who
works on nanoscale science and technology). It's a few years old, but still
quite relevant.


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> Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 14:57:13 -0600
> Subject: Questions on the approaching issue of overpopulation
> From: "McGaothan" <>
> All this talk of freezing aborted fetus's has got me thinking of another
> topic. What about over population? unless I'm mistaken (which considering my
> lack of specific knowledge is likely) are we kind of close already? With the
> introduction of nanotech into our society life spans will more than likely
> sky rocket, correct? I do believe it was even previously stated a few days
> ago that death via old age would no longer be a factor. So what are we
> planning to do to combat this. Understandable by that time we'll be able to
> create cheaper, stronger, more confined living spaces but still I don't
> think that'll help much will it? Are we expecting the space industry to just
> blast off (no pun intended) and we'll find ourselves with the limitless
> expanses of space to claim residence in? I'm sure this issue has been
> addressed already but I'm still curious what sort of measures will be taken.
> Especially with all of those who either already have or at least plan to be
> frozen (do we have a count of how many have been? again my own curiosity).
> What happens when we finally find a way to successfully bring them back? We
> just sent the population up a little more with this "instantaneous" addition
> of people. Maybe it's just me but I think things may get a little crowded
> here in the near future. Even with the advancement of contraceptives,
> especially through nanotech. hmmm maybe we could initiate a 200 yr. age
> cap....(sarcasm).
> Also, I'm rather new to the fields of cryonics and nanotechnology (only been
> studying them for about a year now) so i was wondering if everyone could
> give me a few suggestions of places to check out, and maybe some books to
> read. I'm also looking for a nanotech list like this to take part in. Thanks
> all
> James Hill

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