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Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 00:51:08 +0900
From: mizuho <>
Subject: RE: Why Metamorphosis Society?

Hi, This is Mizuho.

Thank you for your question, George. Actually, you asked me the 
question we tend to have most frequently, so let me answer to it.
John, I appreciate your kind and favorable comments.

We all know well that other existing groups have similar goals to 
For example, CI has been claiming that, in the future, they will 
include reanimation to their list of services. Most of 
cryopreservation service providers know that such service is still far 
from being available at this moment, but they are hoping to start 
providing it someday.

But the question here is, "Who are going to pay them for the future 
reanimation services?" There are worries about this uncertainty, and I 
guess that is why some groups are hoping (almost out of anxiety) 
Lifepact and other "pacts" to make reanimation a reality.

We are trying to attract the people who are actually hoping to "go to 
the future" AND are presently making their utmost efforts for human 
beings in the future. Such people easily tend to have a sense of 
unity, and if that happens, the sense of unity will surely be 
inherited by our descendents. In this way, we can expect our 
descendents to reanimate us in the distant future.
I feel certain that we will have stronger sense of unity than 

In short, we are not interested in cryonicists who are NOT willing to 
work hard for the betterment of human future, because such a stance is 
incompatible with ours.
I hope my explanation was clear enough.
If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me more.

I created the "How To Join" page on our website, because some people 
said that they couldn't find the way of joining our group. I 
appreciate their comments.
The following is the URL for this page.

Please take a look at it anytime.



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