X-Message-Number: 13124
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 10:39:00 -0800
From: Carol Shaw <>
Subject: Reminder: "Toy Story 2" this Sunday

Cryonicists and Extropians will be attending the 2:00 PM showing of "Toy 
Story 2" this Sunday, January 23, 2000, at Century Cinema 16 on Shoreline 
Blvd. northeast of Highway 101 in Mountain View, California. We'll meet at 
1:30 PM, outside near the ticket windows. This showing is early enough to 
get the matinee rate. Afterwards, we will walk over to the nearby Togo's 
for sandwiches, or go somewhere else for dinner, depending on what the 
group decides.

"Toy Story 2" is supposed to be even better than the original "Toy Story" 
with great computer-generated animation. Hopefully, the movie has been out 
long enough that the theater won't be too crowded.


Carol Shaw
Alcor Northern California Chairperson and Secretary

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