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From: Fred Chamberlain <>
Subject: Re: Which Organization? (David King's Question)

Date: January 24, 2000
From: "Fred Chamberlain" ("
Subject: Which Organization?

Answering the below posting (attached) by David King (briefly):

On the Alcor website at:
.htm you will find an appendix to "Cryonics, Reaching For Tommorrow" which
is an
indepth discussion of Alcor's pricing by Ralph Whelan.  Although the study is
over five years old, it still reflects the most definitive analysis of the
practicality of Alcor's planning for both (1) conservatively funded long term
maintenance and (2) current level technology cryoprotection under good

On a longer range viewpoint, one can question whether (1) improved procedures
might not exceed the amounts budgeted for initial preservation, in which case
the amounts Alcor's members provide would be insufficient, or (2) if economies
of scale might someday permit lower prices to be offered?

It is true that we cannot presently predict which of these might be the most
likely, but it is also true that no one has the foggiest idea of what
reanimation costs might be, although there have been some very rudimentary
comments equating the cost of biological restoration to molecular
estimates ($1.00/pound) which no can take seriously.  Even if such economies
were practical at some future time, we have no idea of what the "costs" of
restoring recovered persons to a reasonable quality of life and productivity
would be.

To the extent that any membership organization does not build additional
reserves to reduce the costs of or provide for "recovery" operations
(restoration of biological functionality and access to the civilization of the
day), those recovered will be dependent on installment plans to"pay off"
reanimation/reentry costs.  This is why, in addition to attempting to
budget on
the most conservative basis for entry and maintenance costs, Alcor also
distributes to each new member a "Lifepact" packet of self interview forms and
guidelines for making video tapes in which preferences and understandings are
voiced, especially as to the implications of and acceptability of "reentry"
installment plans.  Only by attempting to cover the bases in the most
comprehensive way can we maximize our chances of being happy with the outcome.

Thanks for David King for his question, to which this is far too short an
answer.  The URL given above, to Alcor's website, may be helpful for
perspective.  If you have any individual questions on Alcor's prices, once you
have gone over the website, and if you are on the verge of making an
application for Alcor Membership, your next step would be to call Linda
Chamberlain, Alcor's Membership Administrator (480-905-1906).

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[Message #13127 
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Subject: Which Organization? 
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 22:30:12 -0700

I have a question about cryonic organizations. 

Is this list run by The Cryonics Institute or is it a general cryonics list 
with no organizational ties? 

The reason for this question is that I am trying to decide between CI and 
Alcor (or others). As I'm sure everyone knows, CI charges $28,000 for a full 
body preservation while Alcor charges $120,000. 

I have read CI's reasons for their lower price. The purpose of this letter 
is to ask if there is anyone from Alcor (or any other organization) on this 
list who can tell me why I should chose Alcor (or another organization) over 
CI and what the difference in costs is used for.

Thank you. 
David King]

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